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5 Star Review I just wanted to thank you for the great job you did fixing my new 2014 Chrysler 300S. I found the dent after it was parked in a college parking lot. Apparently, it got smacked by a shopping cart, though. The dent was about the size of a half dollar and about 3/8 inch deep. My car is a charcoal color and very shiny. You got the dent out in about 15 minutes and you can't tell at all where it is now. The lines and reflections on the door are perfect, no waviness or anything! Thanks again! I happily recommend you to anyone before sending it to a body shop!! Daniel Wallace 12/19/2014 15:26 h

5 Star Review I want to let everyone know what a fantastic job Bill did on my vehicle. He should have the word MASTER DENT REPAIRER in front of his name. The work he performed on a very difficult damage was way above expectation by myself. He is a true Master of his work. Daniel Cimini 08/20/2014 14:33 h


5 Star Review On vacation in Murrells Inlet and got a small dent on the roof while traveling down. Called yesterday afternoon to see about getting it repaired. The owner went out of his way (was not going to work today) and met me at 9 am at his new shop. Not only did he fix the new dent, he repaired one I did not know about and another I had for a while! I was in & out in 45 minutes! I highly recommend using this service! Joe K. 08/13/2014 13:24 h


5 Star Review My right front quarter panel was hit by a baseball and then a high heel... to make matters worse, the clown who's kid hit my fender with the baseball said, " I know how to fix dents" and then wedged himself right next to and said, " I know how to fix dents" and doubled the size of it and buckled it. The body shop quoted me $1,500 for a new quarter panel. I paid under $300 to have my car LOOK brand new and the buckling was removed. I HIGHLY recommend Dent mender to anyone! great service, great work and he came to my home!| Doug Jones 09/17/2013 11:22 h


5 Star Review Very, Very difficult location. Job extremely well done. Bill is wasting his time as a technician, should be a magician. Many thanks. Ervin Brong 08/08/2013 20:12 h


5 Star Review On vacation in Myrtle Beach and had 2 small ping dents and a crease style dent on wifeys new SUV. Called the Dent Mender and he came to the hotel, and within 30 minutes it was as if it never happened. I was amazed at how simple yet effective it was. Very reasonable cost and very professional. Would not hesitate to recommend him to anyone. A+ results ! Mike 06/28/2013 00:35 h


5 Star Review Great job in less than one hour at my office location!!!! Job B 03/15/2012 15:27 h


5 Star Review I just wanted to drop you a note and thank you for the excellent job you did repairing over 50 hail dents in my wife's VW Tiguan. I will definitely recommend your services to all of my family & friends… Larry Wheeler 09/09/2011 12:08 h


5 Star Review I had a dime-nickel size ding on the right rear passenger door of my Dodge Ram. Bill fixed it and another smaller ding in less than fifteen minutes. There is no trace of either ding whatsoever. Jason Hearn 06/07/2011 17:31 h


5 Star Review Had a small egg sized dent in the front fender of my Porsche. Bill came to the house, fixed that and 4 other door dings, charged a reasonable price, and was done in less than 2 hours. Fantastic work. I am VERY pleased. Russ in Pawleys Island Russ Johnson 07/20/2010 15:32 h

5 Star Review Bill did an awesome job removing the dent from the front fender of my Harley Davidson. You can’t tell it was ever dented. It was amazing watching how it just disappeared. I would (will) recommend him to anyone looking for paintless dent repair. Yvonne S 06/12/2010 01:22 h


5 Star Review When Black Betty (my new Jetta) got roughed up pretty bad in Old Town one weekend, I didn't know where to turn. Local body shops gave me $500+ quotes saying that paintless dent removal wasn't possible in this case. When someone says "impossible," I always get a second opinion. A few local body repair companies failed to call me back or provide an estimate on the pictures they told me to send them, so I called The Dent Mender after seeing its Craigslist ad (mention the ad and you'll get a10% discount). I liked the straight-forward nature of the company's website. It gave me a good idea of the price range I was looking at. If I was quoted anything far beyond that, I could tell 'em where to stick it. The Dent Mender let me pick a time that worked for me, came out to my apartment, gave me a great quote, explained the process, and got to work in my apartment parking lot--and finished in under an hour. The results were awesome and they took care of a ding in my door for free! Not only did I get the discount, but the end price was a little cheaper than the quote. I will not hesitate to call this company in the future. They're fair, professional, and made both me and Black Betty very happy. Melissa A 09/20/2009 15:12 h


5 Star Review After driving around with a five inch dent in the hood of my Accord for a couple months, I found the Dent Mender. Bill was at my house the next day, and within half an hour he removed the dent and a couple smaller dings. My car looks great-- you can't tell the dents were ever there-- and the process was incredibly easy. I'd recommend the Dent Mender to anyone. Tim 06/24/2009 11:00 h


5 Star Review The roof of my hard top convertible was hit with a ball. I can't even tell it was there once Bill was done. Thanks! Chris 06/23/2009 22:34 h


5 Star Review I had a couple of small dings in the passenger side door and trunk area of my BMW. Bill removed them COMPLETELY in a about 20 minutes. You would never even know they were there and the car looks like new now! Kelly 05/29/2009 07:30 h  


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